At Johnson, we believe that the IB Programme is part of a much more important vertical alignment.

Colleges and universities tell us they are looking for students who took the most rigorous coursework offered to them. For Johnson High School, this is the IB Diploma Programme. Students who participate in the full diploma program are often admitted to the university or college of their choice, and some even earn scholarships.

We believe that this opportunity allows students to open doors for themselves for whatever their career or life choices may be. The IB Programme’s role in this equation is that it prepares students for college and increases their level of success.

Colleges tell us that the most successful students, the ones who finish their degrees and the ones who keep their HOPE scholarship, are not necessarily the students with the highest SAT scores or GPAs. It is the students who pursued the most rigorous coursework offered to them.

These students know how to learn, how to prepare, and how to be mature advocates for their education. Not only do colleges value these characteristics, but so does the world of professionals, which our students will one day enter.