General Requirements

All courses are two years and students are expected to complete both years of the program. Courses culminate in an exam given by the IBO in May of students’ senior year. It is expected that all students who take an IB course will sit for the IB exam.

Additionally, all courses have internal and external assessment measures. Internal assessments are scored by the classroom teacher and submitted to IB. External assessments are scored solely by IB. Some assessments are written, while others are oral.

IB scores for each course range from 1 to 7, where 7 is the highest score. All assessments, both internal and external, are compiled to create a composite score of 1-7. A score of 4 is considered “passing.”

Students applying for full diploma status must have satisfied some graduation requirements before the 11th grade because they will not have room in their schedules for these courses if they are full diploma. Students should seek help from their guidance counselor if they have questions about graduation requirements.