Apply for the JHS IB Program!

The IB application for the 2024-2025 school year is now open. Click here to start yours today.

About the Application

In the late fall of every year, our school opens the IB application for rising juniors wishing to participate in the program.  The application is open to any student at our school who will be a junior as of August of their third year of high school. Because the JHS IB program is also a program of choice, any Hall County student may apply for our program and attend Johnson if accepted. If you are not a Hall County student currently but would like to apply for the JHS IB program, please contact the IB Coordinator to request access: holly.wilson@hallco.org.

Students applying for 2 or more IB courses must submit an application according to the application timeline for the current academic year.

On the application, students provide their personal contact information and they agree to allow our panel to review their academic progress thus far.

Students must submit an essay (explained in the application) and request that their teachers fill out an evaluation on their behalf. To qualify for the program, students must make satisfactory grades in their 9th and 10th-grade courses, obtain positive teacher recommendations, and prove in an application essay that they can meet the challenges of the IB programme.

Students who are applying for a single course–either an IB language or an IB elective course–may do so by communicating with the IB teacher of these courses. With the IB teacher’s approval, the student will be asked to fill out a contact information form which will be given to the IB Coordinator and the student will be registered for the IB course.

The IB selection panel, comprised of JISA teachers, IB teachers, and the IB Coordinator, will review students’ academic records, essays, and teacher recommendations to determine acceptance and levels of participation for each student.  Students will be notified of their acceptance status before Spring Break of the current academic year.