International Mindedness
The JISA program focuses on modern language study to help students develop a natural curiosity and openness to differences in and among people groups around the world. The JISA 9 courses pose the question, “what is the world like outside my home town?”

We believe that studying the culture and language of another country is fundamental to developing this perspective. Furthermore, JISA 10 focuses on how other nations have influenced the United States and how the US influences the world in return.

Through language study in conjunction with World Area Studies (JISA 9) and AP Human Geography (JISA 10), students learn to become more productive global citizens.

AP & IB Language Courses
JISA is Johnson High School’s International Baccalaureate preparatory program. While AP courses are offered at JHS, they are not typically treated as terminal courses. In other words, they are not placed at the top of our curriculum or regarded as the most rigorous courses offered at our school.

Instead, AP classes are taught in the lower grades, to 9th and 10th graders, as preparation for the IB Programme of courses. This curriculum model applies to our modern language course pathway as well.

Modern language students who reach a level 5 or beyond in grades 9 or 10 are eligible to take AP Spanish Language as a precursor to IB Spanish B, which is a two year course.

3 Reasons Why JISA Students Study a Modern Language

  1. It prepares them for IB coursework in 11th and 12th grade.
  2. Colleges prefer it.
  3. Research suggests there is a connection between modern language study and improved academic achievement.