The International Baccalaureate organization is an internationally recognized and highly revered 2 year academic program for 11th and 12th graders.

  • IB and JISA Students in Spain and Portugal

  • IB Students Visiting MODA

    Museum of Design Atlanta

  • College Acceptance!

  • IB students in Lisbon, Portugal 2019

  • IB Students Team Building Day

  • IB Design Technology

    Student finishing a Walk A Mile in Your Shoes project where they design their own shoe from scratch.

  • Full Diploma Program Students

    Students are wearing shirts for the colleges they are attending in the fall.

  • IB Projects

    Alyssa Ramos and Wynne Kelly showing off their roller skate creation for IB Design Technology

  • IB Juniors Visiting MODA

    Museum of Design Atlanta

The goal of the IB organization is to do more than provide an academic-only approach to learning. The IB organization offers students the chance to unify all of their high school experiences–personal, social, civic, and academic.

There are 2,795 secondary schools in 143 countries all over the world offering the diploma programme. There are roughly 40,000 high schools total in the United States. Only 869 schools in the entire United States offer the IB diploma. Out of the 441 high schools in the state of GA, only 21 schools offer the IB program. IB sets students apart and is the mark of dedication, scholarship, aptitude, and accomplishment that colleges and universities from around the world recognize.

The full diploma program features–

● 5 core courses: English, math, science, social studies, language acquisition
● 1 IB elective
● 1 Theory of Knowledge
● CAS (independent)
● Extended Essay(independent)

CAS is an acronym for creativity, activity, and service. CAS is a requirement for all full diploma students for which students must participate in activities that fall into each of these three categories. Students also participate in at least one CAS project, which involves the student creating an original activity, organizing the effort, and encouraging participants.

The purpose of the CAS activity is to get students to stretch themselves outside the comfort zone of what they would normally do. Students must satisfy the CAS requirement in order to earn the IB diploma.

EE is an acronym for Extended Essay. The extended essay is a requirement for all full diploma students. It is a 4,000 word research paper students complete independently under the guidance of an academic mentor. Students are also enrolled in Honors Writer’s Workshop for a half year which teaches students the fundamentals of research and writing.

Students work on the essay their junior and senior years. It is due before Thanksgiving of their senior year. Students must earn a passing score on the EE to earn the IB diploma.

TOK is an acronym for The Theory of Knowledge course. This is a required course for full diploma students. The purpose of the course is to explore the nature of knowledge. It asks students to consider how they know what they know in various knowledge areas like science, language, and art.

This is a unique course that is nothing like any other course offered by our state. Students who take this course are in for a treat. They will discover things they never knew about their own way of thinking and how knowledge is accumulated in our society.